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Mariya Ali Ameen

Mariya identifies herself as a storyteller who draws from life experiences and observations. Communicating cultural contexts and influences; her work revolves around human emotions, spontaneous reactions, situational anomalies and thought processes. For Mariya; unfolding a complex narrative through a simple and light-hearted visual to engage the audience is the key. She strongly relies on supporting… Continue reading Mariya Ali Ameen

Agnès Asselin

Agnès was born in France where she studied biology. She moved to South West England with her family in 1998 which gave her the opportunity to develop her creative personality. From her first visit to an African art exhibition in Paris, to her more recent discovery of African textiles, she has always been interested in… Continue reading Agnès Asselin

Clive Dawson

I am a Cambridge based Artist, who normally paints in acrylics, but I like to experiment and use all kinds of different media. Expression, mood and atmosphere are what I am looking for in my work. Whether painting from photographs, or directly in front of the subject, I like taking liberties with colour, and making… Continue reading Clive Dawson

Kate Green

I’m a mixed media artist. I live in Cambridge with my husband and 3 daughters, and work from my art studio in our garden. I love the opportunity to paint live and do so regularly at a variety of events. I love colour and movement, pattern and detail, shapes and lines, working large, using layers… Continue reading Kate Green

Esther Yasmin Groeneveld

I am an artist whose work often reflects a magical realist nature; diving into the depth of complex ideas and simplifying them into a unified piece. At other times, the pure satisfaction of observing my environment and capturing my observations through drawing or painting is enough to keep me happily creatively occupied. My oil paintings,… Continue reading Esther Yasmin Groeneveld

Ruth Hawkins

During the initial development of this series of paintings I became fascinated and inspired by a photograph I had taken of an industrial flytrap. The sensation and emotions associated with being trapped have become a central theme of my work. I am motivated by how I might provoke the sensation of entrapment and confinement in… Continue reading Ruth Hawkins

Chris Langley

My paintings explore the landscape in a variety of formal and conceptual ways. Whether building them up through layering observed plants or mountains, or from patterns, I seek to ensure that they have a sense of aliveness or character, maybe even feel a little mad. My source material comes from photographs I have taken, mostly… Continue reading Chris Langley

Alison Litherland

  Alison Litherland is a painter working in oils and acrylics. She is based at Cambridge Artworks. Alison’s practice can be summed up as ‘put paint on canvas, see what happens’. Inspired by remote empty spaces, the sea and the sky, wild weather, distant hills, lost industrial landscapes and the whirling of sea birds in… Continue reading Alison Litherland

Magdalena Morey

Magdalena Morey is a mixed media artist with a Diploma in Textiles and a Masters Degree in Painting from Marie Curie Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland. She worked as a professional artist for a studio in Lublin for 10 years, before moving to Cambridge, England, where she had numerous exhibitions in local venues. In 2009 she… Continue reading Magdalena Morey

Mark Radcliffe Evans

Art School trained and a qualified stonemason, I have worked with stone for more than thirty years, both creatively and on the restoration of historic and ecclesiastical buildings.  I am now living and working in Cambridge having lived on the Welsh borders for many years. The work always seems to be concerned with time, ruin,… Continue reading Mark Radcliffe Evans

Jo Stansfield

Artbnb founder, Jo lives in Cambridge with her husband and two small boys. She has always been an art lover, and loves to be surrounded by art. With a career in software and technology, Jo paints as a hobby, and has dreamed over the years of running her own art gallery. Jo loves to paint… Continue reading Jo Stansfield

Richard Youell

Richard Youell is a photographer and field sound recordist who has lived in Waterbeach, just outside Cambridge for over 20 years. Richard usually takes his inspiration from ‘the great outdoors’ although he also enjoys wildlife, ‘street’ and portrait photography. His sound recording work usually compliments his photographs by providing an ambient or habitat track to… Continue reading Richard Youell

Colin Wiles

Colin Wiles has lived in Cambridge for almost thirty years and has been painting for about twenty years. He is self-taught, (like Herbert Lom in The Ladykillers, “I just sort of picked it up”). Someone in St. Ives once called him a primitive. His themes include shop-fronts in Cambridge, scenes in Kent and Cornwall, and… Continue reading Colin Wiles

Gerry Wilmer

I love sketching outdoors using a water soluble ink pen and watercolour in a small book. Indoors I work on large scale paper, using acrylic paints, often basing the work on a sketch I have done, or a memory of something I have seen or felt. I then go on to paint in oils on… Continue reading Gerry Wilmer