Esther Yasmin Groeneveld

IMG_3192openquotes_smallI am an artist whose work often reflects a magical realist nature; diving into the depth of complex ideas and simplifying them into a unified piece. At other times, the pure satisfaction of observing my environment and capturing my observations through drawing or painting is enough to keep me happily creatively occupied.

My oil paintings, illustrations and, more recently, photo illustrations I embellish with bold colours, strong contrasts and interesting angles of view in an attempt to make pieces that begin taking on lives of their own the longer you observe them. My location drawings work differently in the sense that the focus has been placed mainly on translating my observations of my environment into pure forms, structures and shadows. All of these drawings have progressively come together through my love for running and being outdoors combined with my love for enjoying a cup of coffee at a cosy bar or café whilst spending time with myself, a black fine-line pen and a folded up piece of paper.

I currently hold a foundation diploma in art and design from Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts (CSVPA) and a bachelor’s degree in design from Goldsmiths, University of London. I have participated in and hosted a variety of art shows, fairs and exhibitions in various venues within Mexico City in Mexico, Paramaribo in Suriname and London and Cambridge in England.closequotes_small

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