For Landlords

Artbnb is a new business providing landlords, hosts and property managers of short-term rental properties with original and limited edition artwork at affordable prices.

Transform and differentiate your property

Transform and differentiate your property with local art, embedded in the local culture, to provide a personal and memorable experience for your guests.

Stand out from the crowd

Great photos are worth their weight in gold when it comes to attracting guests.  Enhance your property’s unique beauty and style, giving it the edge to entice in your potential guests.

Earn a commission

We like to think of artbnb properties as a new generation of art gallery.  If a guest falls in love with a piece, or would love a memento of a special stay, they can buy it and take it home with them.  Artbnb handles the sales for you, and landlords receive a commission on all sales.

Support local artists

As a landlord, perhaps your investment property also has a more personal touch, and the location is a place with meaning for you. Each artbnb property brings opportunity for local artists to showcase their work to a new audience, so by choosing artbnb you also support the community of the area.

Affordable prices

With annual costs comparable to furnishing your property with high-street prints, in consultation with you to understand your preferences, artbnb will adorn your walls with
original and limited edition artwork.


Artwork in images:

Marmite and Oil, Colin Wiles
Red Hibiscus, Gerry Wilmer
Felicity, Kate Green