Magdalena Morey


Magdalena Morey is a mixed media artist with a Diploma in Textiles and a Masters Degree in Painting from Marie Curie Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland. She worked as a professional artist for a studio in Lublin for 10 years, before moving to Cambridge, England, where she had numerous exhibitions in local venues. In 2009 she moved to Switzerland where she continued to develop her style and portfolio for 6 years. She now lives with her family in Aranjuez, near Madrid, Spain. She is currently represented by numerous galleries and has been included in exhibitions all over Europe.

openquotes_smallI have always been fascinated by mixed media techniques and experimenting with various materials and subject matter. My passion for art stems from a love of experimenting and exploring the languages of colour and texture. I love the challenge of picking a subject and then expressing myself using these languages.

 My preferred tools are the spatula and brush. I enjoy using acrylics as their quick drying nature allows me to quickly build up texture and to be spontaneous about applying changes. As a mixed media artist, watercolour and pastel techniques are also regularly included in my work. Gold leaf is an important part of many of my artworks; it developed from a desire to find ways of representing the impact of the sun on the Spanish scenery closequotes_small

Magdalena has a strong affinity to nature and ecology and loves to explore the more remote, wilder parts of whichever country she happens to be living in. This influence can be clearly seen in her abstract landscapes. She is also very interested in psychology and in the inner workings of the mind, which is reflected in her love of painting the feminine form; her figurative pieces are not direct self-portraits but there is always some aspect of her own internal state of being that is represented.



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