Chris Langley

Chris Langleyopenquotes_smallMy paintings explore the landscape in a variety of formal and conceptual ways. Whether building them up through layering observed plants or mountains, or from patterns, I seek to ensure that they have a sense of aliveness or character, maybe even feel a little mad.

My source material comes from photographs I have taken, mostly in Britain (where I have lived for the last 25 years, in East Anglia, the Midlands and Scotland) and South Africa (I am from Cape Town) of geology, mountains, plants and ancient or ruined buildings. Other sources of inspiration include Mogul miniatures and Middle Eastern carpets. Western icon painting informs my preoccupation with building up paintings though layering different media and stylized components.

The mixed media assemblages are fables which begin with the patterned canvases, I then add things I have found or made (because there is a resonance) and make a box for them, adding more objects if appropriate to develop the story.

My schooling I completed in South Africa and I did my art training in the UK.

Over the years I have exhibited widely in the UK as well as in South Africa and the USA. Commissions are something I enjoy, so I have undertaken a variety of private commissions, both paintings and sculptures, for international clients.closequotes_small


Mixed Media

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