Transforming holiday accommodation with local art

Artbnb is a new business providing short-term rental properties with original and limited edition artwork at affordable prices.

Our vision is to transform holiday accommodation into a new generation of art gallery, one that guests live in!  We display beautiful works of art by local artists, embedding the property in its local culture to provide an authentic and unique experience for guests.

We strive to make art accessible to all, fitting seamlessly into the travel experience and providing the opportunity for guests to purchase artwork as a special memory from their stay.

Based in Cambridge, UK, artbnb has been trialled in two properties: a Victorian guesthouse, located centrally on Cambridge’s popular Mill Road; and a newly build, self contained 2-bedroom luxury apartment, located close to the station.  We are in preparation to launch the service for short-term rental landlords, hosts and property managers.  If you would like to register your interest, please contact us.

For landlords, hosts and property managers

Transform and differentiate your property with local art, embedded in the local culture, to provide a personal and memorable experience for your guests.  Artbnb provides an affordable way to stand out from the crowd, enhance your marketing and support your local community.

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For artists

As affordable exhibition spaces continue to be eroded, artbnb provides a new way to exhibit your artwork.  Using the home-like setting of holiday properties not only opens opportunity to reach an audience of visitors to your own town or region, but gives a taste of the pleasure of living with your art.

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For guests

Whatever your reason for travel, we know you seek a sanctuary and base to ground yourself in your chosen destination.  We believe that like travel, art can provide for our emotional and intellectual needs, and help us to discover the authentic place and cultural essence of our destination.

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Artwork shown in images

The Flow 4, Magdalena Morey
The Round Church, Clive Dawson