Gerry Wilmer

GerryWilmer3openquotes_smallI love sketching outdoors using a water soluble ink pen and watercolour in a small book.

Indoors I work on large scale paper, using acrylic paints, often basing the work on a sketch I have done, or a memory of something I have seen or felt.

I then go on to paint in oils on canvases that I have stretched myself, as I find the stretching and priming a special part of the process of making a painting.

The oil painting is usually a slower process, often reworking over and over, but sometimes I take a small canvas outdoors and paint in oils or acrylics directly from the subject. I call these oil sketches, and as sketches I feel I can be more forgiving and try and leave them as they are, without painting over them! closequotes_small



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