For Artists

Artbnb provides a new way to exhibit your artwork.  With the erosion of affordable exhibition spaces, showing your work close to home can become an increasing challenge for many artists.  Using the home-like setting of holiday properties not only opens opportunity to reach an audience of visitors to your own town or region, but gives a taste of the pleasure of living with your art.

Artbnb showcases local art in high quality holiday properties

We work with landlords, hosts and managers of high quality short-term rental accommodation, to transform their property into a new form of exhibition space.  Working within the constraints and preferences for their property, we match artwork from our register of artists to best suit their needs.

Promoting and supporting local culture

At artbnb we believe in the importance of supporting our local communities, and encouraging creativity and culture of the area to flourish.  We select work in preference from artists local to the region, or artworks that have drawn inspiration from the area.

Visitors live with art in a home-like setting

Short-term rental accommodation may attract guests for many reasons, be it business or pleasure, a place for rest or a starting point for an adventure.  Whatever the reason, we believe that travel and art alike can provide for our emotional and intellectual needs, helping people to discover the authentic place and cultural essence of their destination.

Typically a guest will stay a few nights, so over the year many guests will experience the pleasure of living with your artwork.

All artwork is for sale to the guests

When a guest falls in love with a piece of work, or would love to take home a memento of their holiday, they can buy it and take it with them. For more information about how guests buy, see how to buy.

Artbnb takes a modest commission for each sale.

mini eiger on palette small.JPG

Artwork in images:

Tulips in NYC, Jo Stansfield
Mini Eiger, Jo Stansfield