Mariya Ali Ameen

mariyaMariya identifies herself as a storyteller who draws from life experiences and observations. Communicating cultural contexts and influences; her work revolves around human emotions, spontaneous reactions, situational anomalies and thought processes. For Mariya; unfolding a complex narrative through a simple and light-hearted visual to engage the audience is the key. She strongly relies on supporting characters around her subject to complete the plot; comic use of these characters highlights the tone of her message. Mariya likes exploring different mediums but finds the flow of ink and watercolour very expressive.

Mariya Ali Ameen was born in Lahore and lives and works in Cambridge. She holds a Bachelor of Design (Hons.) from National College of Arts, Lahore and was awarded a distinction for her design thesis exploring identity issues in children of Pakistan. She has undertaken a variety of private commissions and continues to share her stories on Instagram at “VisualQuirks”.


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