For Guests

How does artbnb work?

We showcase local art in high quality, unique holiday accommodation.

We like to think of our properties as live-in galleries!  As all artwork is an original or limited edition print, you will find nowhere else like the property of your stay.  Each place is truly unique.

All artwork is for sale.

If you fall in love with a piece of work in your holiday accommodation, or would love to take home a memento of your holiday, you can simply buy it and take it with you. All work can be bought simply online by following the links you’ll find in the display cards, or, if you prefer, you can call us and buy with the more personal touch.  We can also deliver your artwork back home for you.

For more information, see how to buy.

Support local artists.

Many of our artists are residents in the city of your visit, and are happy to be selling their work close to home.  Read about each artist and their work on display in the artbnb folder in your accommodation.