For Landlords

How does artbnb work?

The heart of the idea is to showcase local art in high quality holiday accommodation.

Landlords subscribe to an artbnb package, paying an annual fee for the work they hang.

All artwork is for sale to the guests.

When a guest falls in love with a piece of work, or would love to take home a memento of their holiday, they can simply buy it and take it with them. They will also have the option to have it packaged and transported for them.  For more information about how guests buy, see how to buy.

Landlords will earn a commission for each sale.

What’s in it for Landlords?

Differentiate your property with a unique touch of class.

Original art makes quite an impact.  Transform your property into a live-in gallery for a truly unique and luxurious guest experience.

Earn some extra revenue.

You will receive a cut of all sales.

Low start-up cost.

An artbnb annual package is priced to be similar to furnishing your property with high-street prints.  For an equivalent cost, you can adorn your walls with originals and limited edition prints from local artists.