For Artists

How does artbnb work?

The heart of the idea is to showcase local art in high quality holiday accommodation.

These typically have a high turnover of guests visiting for both holidays and business. 3 nights stay is typical, so over the year a large number of guests will experience the artwork.

All artwork is for sale to the guests.

When a guest falls in love with a piece of work, or would love to take home a memento of their holiday, they can simply buy it and take it with them. They will also have the option to have it packaged and transported for them.  For more information about how guests buy, see how to buy.

artbnb will take a modest commission for each sale.

Artists receive a monthly fee for their work while it is on display.

What’s in it for Artists?

Reach a new market.

Guests may or may not be likely to visit a gallery, but they value culture, and have money to spend.

Benefit from an engaged audience.

Your work will be displayed in an intimate, home-like setting – guests live with it for a few days!

Increase your exposure.

Display your work in multiple locations in your home city and beyond.